Technical Innovation

Why Us?

The Rapid Speed Jump Rope guarantees customer satisfaction with our innovative ball-bearing technology.  This exclusive technology  allows for a higher speed skip frequency making it easier to off calories.  With odour free memory foam handles we offer the most pleasurable and comfortable skipping experience allowing you to train properly and focus on the good stuff.

Weighted Innovation

Heavy Duty

Ten minutes of skipping is the equivalent of 30 minutes of running making it the perfect exercise to loose body fat quickly. The Rapid Weighted Rope is not just your typical jump rope, as the ropes from Rapid Ropes are weighted throughout the whole rope, rather than just the handles themselves. This allows you to get a full body workout since the weight of the ropes pushes your body to swing them over. Rapid Weighted Jump Rope handles also have a 360-degree rotation, which allows for a smoother jumping experience. 


Need a boost?

The the main benefits of resistance bands over weight training is that they provide more exercise variety and versatility. They also prevent you from using momentum to cheat and therefore challenge your endurance progression further. You can increase your reps at a faster pace with reduced risk of injury